Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses (Tips & Guidelines)

Being a nurse is tough to stand for long times on your feet. What if you are pregnant too? It becomes harder to stand over feet. During pregnancy, you face significant issues, including swollen feet and legs, back pain, and heel pain. In that situation, it is necessary to wear the best shoes for pregnant nurses.

Meanwhile, wearing the wrong shoe will hurt your feet the whole day and cause feet issues. The right pair of shoes can help you reduce swelling and foot pain and keep your body’s alignment.

After a long time of research, our team finds the 9 best shoes for pregnant nurses that will keep your feet great in your long time duty.

Foot Issues of Pregnant Nurses – Keep Your Feet Healthy

During pregnancy, a nurse feels many feet issues. She stands on her feet for a long time, carries her weight and baby’s weight too. It can be a complicated condition to maintain feet health. As women gain weight, feet changes in the pelvis may lead to foot problems or issues.

Changes in Feet of a Pregnant Nurse or Woman

It is essential to know that pregnancy hormones change your entire body. That’s why your feet have issues when you are growing, baby. Let’s learn about the changes in a pregnant woman’s feet.

Natural weight gain

Obviously, you will get weight as your baby grow up. If you are a pregnant nurse and stand a long time on your feet, the weight will affect your feet. In that situation, you need to maintain your weight that will help your feet and whole body.

Swelling of the feet

Swelling is one of the standard feet issues. When your blood volume increase in feeding your body and baby, then swelling happens. That’s why your feet size get changed although you stand on your feet for a long time. However, don’t keep wearing large toe box shoes in those days.

Arch of the foot

An arch of the foot is noticeable, especially for pregnant nurses. Changes in the body, including swelling and weight, can turn your feet into flat feet. Being a nurse, make sure to wear shoes that give your feet extra support.

Plantar fasciitis

The planter fasciitis happens when you wear a fit shoe that doesn’t give you enough arch support. It can cause pain near your heel. Pregnant nurses should be careful about their feet and place pads under their feet when working for an extended time.

Helping Foot Tips for Pregnant Nurse

  • As a nurse, make sure your footwear is comfortable to stand for an extended time. During pregnancy, keep away from stylish shoes instead of relaxing shoes.
  • Suppose your feet are hurting; go-to provider for pain relief options that could help you. After your pregnancy, you can use essential oils for plantar fasciitis. Remember! “After pregnancy.”
  • Flip flap shoes with great support are suitable for a pregnant nurse. Besides that, get those shoes, which are giving excellent shock absorption. 
  • Elevation of feet can reduce the pressure of your aching feet. You can simply put extra pillows at the end of the couch for your feet. 
  • Foot massage can improve blood flow to the area of stretching. It may add value to your feet and give relief to your painful feet.

The pregnant nurses stand for a long time on their feet. It is excruciating and challenging; try comfortable shoes on those days. The casual shoes help you during pregnancy.

Comparison Table-Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses


Dr. Scholl’s Shoes
• Most comfortable shoes
• Come within different colors
• Good for bunion feet
• Best casual shoes
Check Price
Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam

• Best running shoes
• Highly comfortable
• Great sneaker
Check Price
Alegria Women’s
Paloma Flat
• Best for plantar fasciitis
• Easy to put on with handy stitch
• Wearable without socks and legging
Check Price

Skechers Women’s
Go Walk
• Great for the worst feet
• Perfect working shoes
• Recommended for plantar fasciitis
Check Price

New Balance
Women’s FuelCore
• Supportive in Morton’s Neuroma condition
• Easy to slide on and off
• Amazing walking shoes
Check Price

Crocs Women’s Sandals
• Give high/medium arch support
• Perfect with bright colors
• Best for fasciitis feet
Check Price

Orthofeet Proven
Plantar Fasciitis
• Enhance the stability of walking
• Essential for plantar fasciitis
• Pain relief for sensitive feet
Check Price

Vionic Women’s Fitness
• Best for narrow feet
• Decent heel and arch support
• Easily washable insoles
Check Price
Sanuk Yoga
Sling Sandal
• Most convenient
• Perfect with all kinds of fits
• Give support while walking
Check Price

What are The Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

We have listed the top 9 best shoes for pregnant nurses after a long time of research and survey. Let’s read them out!

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s | Pregnancy Shoes For Work

If you are looking for shoes that give you a stylish look, then Dr. Scholl’s shoes are the best assortment for you. The nursing shoes are imported and made of 100% synthetic sole.

These nursing shoes come along with a smooth and microfiber upper. You will feel comfortable even you have bunions issue. 

The nurses can easily walk in the working area since there would be no stress on their feet.

No other shoes can beat Scholl’s shoes in comfort and styling. These are lightweight shoes that give you extra flexibility with their slip-on fit.

These nursing shoes for pregnant nurses are comfortable, can be worn the whole day with bunion feet without feeling pain at the end of the day.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Best for wide feet too
  • Easy to clean


  • After sometimes falling apart issue comes

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam | Comfortable Work Shoes For Pregnancy

Adidas women’s shoes are so soft and breathable for your feet. For pregnant nurses who stand the whole day should get comfortable running shoes.

These nursing shoes are running shoes for pregnant nurses. 

An extra quantity of cushioning is added to make it comfy, making your walk easy anywhere in the hospital.

However, to make easy steps while running, cloud foam midsole and outsole has been combined.

Beautiful construction of shoes with 0-3 inches platform feels your feet free in the shoes.

These shoes are imported with 100% textile synthetics inside. The rubber sole gives your shoe grip over the wet floor and saves you from slipping.


  • Lightweight shoes
  • They are flexible
  • Breathable for feet


  • It is hard to put on.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat | Best Supportive Shoes For Pregnancy

Do you have plantar fasciitis and looking for a supportive shoe? Alegria is one of the most suitable shoes for plantar fasciitis.

These shoes for pregnancy are highly recommended for toe joints since they provide a wide toe box.

These shoes are hand-stitched and more stylish than others. Suppose your shoes get dirty; they are stain resistance with leather upper and lining. You can easily clean them by simply wiping them.

The pregnant nurses facing bunion issues can rely though they are narrow and comfortable to put on.

Indeed, Algeria shoes are providing arch support to make standing the whole day on feet comfy.


  • High arch support
  • Relief foot pain
  • Come in different colors and patterns


  • Thick insole

Skechers Women’s Go Walk | Best Tennis Shoes While Pregnant

We can imagine the pain, a pregnant nurse with the worst feet tolerates the whole day in duty time. Here we have Skechers Women’s shoes for wide, flat, and bunion feet.

These shoes are most comfortable for you though a parametric cushioned 5Gen midsole has been added. You can pick up small and big size shoes rendering to your feet.

Furthermore, they are not bulky to make your walk hard. The lightweight shoes are flexible and give high arch support to your feet.

The construction of nursing shoes is in soft fabric lining with different colors. Multiple varieties of colors have made them more stylish and beautiful than others.


  • They are fit in all sizes
  • Give arch support
  • Most comfortable shoes


  • Poor quality of material

New Balance Women’s FuelCore | Walking Shoes For Pregnancy

Being a pregnant nurse, you should always get supportive footwear. A lightweight shoe will make your walk easy during your whole day’s duty.

New Balance shoes are imported with a rubber sole to give your feet full support. The upper of shoes is synthetic or mesh to reduce pressure over your feet.

Furthermore, REVlite midsole cushioning increases underfoot support with the standard performance of the foam. You will be happy with a flip strap over the shoes that not only gives support to your heel but give an actual mule look too.

Above all, New Balance shoes offer protection in Morton’s Neuroma condition of your feet. 


  • Great supportive shoes
  • Come in different sizes
  • Lightweight shoes


  • A narrow heel of shoes

Crocs Women’s Sandals | Stylish Best Shoes for pregnancy

If you need a stylish nursing sandal instead of a boot, then Crocs Women is fulfilling this aspiration.

These nursing shoes come along with an ethylene-vinyl acetate sole to make your grip possible at any surface.

Practically designed soft translucent TPU straps are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The ankle straps offer additional support to your feet with a beautiful design.

These are the best nursing shoes while you are pregnant on summer days.

 On the other hand, you can wear these sandals the whole day whether you are working or not.

Furthermore, Crocs Women’s sandals are made of Croslite material and flexible all the way. These flip-flop sandals are more attractive in bright colors.


  • Every day wearing shoes
  • Provide excellent traction
  • Water-friendly shoes


  • Certain sizing issues

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis | Best Work Shoes For Pregnancy

If you are looking for shoes, supportive in all kinds of feet issues, stay here for a moment.

Orthofeet Proven are the most comfortable shoes with soft multiple cushioning layers that ease pain in the foot and heel. These nursing shoes come along with premium orthotic insoles that give anatomical arch support to your feet.

These shoes could be the best choice for pregnant nurses facing sensitive issues of feet, including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arthritis. You can rely on ortho feet shoes in all such situations.

These nursing shoes provide comfort and protection to the neuropathy feet with extra foam padding. A broad and roomy toe box alleviates pressure over bunions and swollen feet.

In short, these nursing shoes are the best medic for your sensitive feet.


  • Removable insoles
  • A lightweight sole
  • Give perfect fit


  • They are not designed beautifully.

Vionic Women’s Fitness | Best Tennis Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

Being a pregnant nurse, it is hard to carry weight the whole day. Your feet can face severe issues of swelling if you are in tight shoes. 

Vionic women’s shoes come along with a wide toe box to reduce the pressure over your feet. The upper of the shoes is made so soft and stretchy that it makes you feel like walking overcloud.

Furthermore, the shoes are great for plantar fasciitis; you can walk the whole day without any foot pain.

The shoes are beautifully designed and offer you removable insoles. You can enjoy all occasions of your life since these shoes offer multiple styles with innovative biomechanical technology. 

Above all, these black nursing shoes give you confidence and comfort in your duty time.


  • Give great support
  • Save your feet from hurting
  • Don’t cause heel pain


  • Not recommended for allergic feet

Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandal | Best Summer Shoes for Nurses

When you are pregnant and don’t want to cover up your feet, you should go for Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals.

These are the best shoes for pregnancy since they are lightweight and most comfortable for your swollen feet.

When talking about material, footbeds are made from natural yoga mat with a sealed edge. The outsole is prepared with Happy U rubber sponge. 

Sanuk Yoga Sandal is 100% synthetic and imported with rubber soles. They are as soft, feeling like walking on a cloud. 

In other words, you can consider them as go-to-summer shoes. They provide great relaxation to your feet with a soft footbed.


  • Great quality shoes
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable for summer days


  • Produce sliding for specific feet

Guidelines For Buying Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses 

You may ignore the best shoes for pregnant nurses, but you should buy a new one when it is about health.

However, we have listed some features about shoes you should know before buying.

Breathable Shoes

During pregnancy, your feet get sweaty and hot. It would help if you bought shoes made of mesh fabric because it allows airflow in and out. It keeps your feet cool and dry.

Slip resistance sole

During pregnancy, you are weighted, and in that situation, a slip may cause you to fall. Therefore, get shoes that provide a slip-resistant sole. It will protect your feet, knees, and ankle when you slip.

Comfortable Insole

Arch support is essential for pregnant nurses. It prevents foot pain and gives good arch support. A comfortable insole helps in supporting your ankle and alignment too.

Slip-on shoes

During pregnancy, you need an easy shoe to wear. Slip-on shoes without any external help make it easy to put your feet by sliding them. 

Low Heel

 A higher heel shoe is dangerous when you grow a baby and stand on your feet for a long time. Pregnant nurses should wear a low heel shoe that keeps their balance and promote a more natural step.


A heavy nursing shoe while pregnant can cause foot pain and lower back pain. It would help if you needed a lightweight shoe that will cause you fewer fatigues over time.

Body Stability

During pregnancy, body stability is necessary. Otherwise, you will get back pain—good supportive shoes with arch support help keep your back in alignment. 

FAQs- Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses 

What Are The Best Shoes For Nursing?

During your pregnancy, you must wear the right shoes that don’t hurt your feet and make you comfortable the whole day. 
Here we recommend you Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis shoes though they are suitable in the worst condition of feet.
Besides that, check out the best shoes for nursing in detail.

What Are The Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses?

We have listed the top most comfortable shoes for pregnant nurses. However, if you are interested in knowing about the best tennis shoes for nurses, we will recommend you Skechers Women’s Go Walk and Vionic Women’s Fitness.
You will see that these are best for your severe condition feet. Furthermore, they come along in different sizes so that you can pick up one according to your feet size.
We have a detailed review of the best tennis shoes for nurses you can check there.

Should You Keep A Separate Pair Of Shoes For Pregnancy?

Though, during pregnancy, your feet get swollen. You may have observed that your old shoes cause swelling when you put them on for the whole day.
In that case, such kinds of shoes will only increase the stress on your feet. 
To overcome such worst conditions of your feet, the best shoes for pregnant nurses are recommended. Wearing the right shoes will let you enjoy both duty and pregnancy together.


We are sure that you have got enough knowledge about nursing shoes and nursing feet issues. Besides that, if you have queries, let us know in the comment section.

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