Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses 2021 with Buying Guide and FAQs

When you are overweight, there comes a lot of pressure on your joints and legs that cause serious problems. In that situation, the right shoes can overcome your pain. The best shoes for overweight nurses give necessary comfort and support to your feet that helps reduce stress on joints and legs.

You have reached here, so you do not need to worry about your feet’ pain because we have listed the top 9 best shoes for overweight nurses after a long time of research. However, we are careful about you as you serve patience the whole day and night. So you must be relaxed in your duty time.

Short Overview of The Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

If you have no time to read out the whole article, check the comparison chart here. Quickly, find the best shoe for overweight nurses.

Image Product Details   Price

Dansko Women’s
Professional Clog

⦁100% leather
⦁ Heel 2″
⦁ 10*6*15inch
⦁ 15 ounces
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Merrell men’s Encore
Slip-On Shoes
100% Leather
⦁ Synthetic-sole
⦁ 11 ounces’
⦁ 13*8.2*5 inches
Check Price
ASICS Women’s
Running Shoes
⦁ Synthetic and mesh
⦁ Heel 1.75”
⦁ 10*15*6 inches
⦁ 2 pounds
Check Price
Drew Women’s
Rose Mary Jane
100% leather
⦁ Heel 1”
⦁ 11.9*7.2*4.1 inches’
⦁ 11 ounces
Check Price
Sticky Work Shoes
For Women
⦁ 100% synthetic
⦁ Rubber-sole
⦁ 1 pound
⦁ 8.66*7.09*3.54 inches
Check Price
Sticky Pro/Work
Shoe For Men
⦁ waterproof
⦁ Non-slip
⦁ lightweight
⦁ 10.3*7.1*3.3inch
⦁ 1.35 ounces
Check Price
Merrell Women’s
Slip-On Shoes
⦁ 100% leather
⦁ Rubber sole
⦁ nylon poles
⦁ 11.42*7.8*4.02 inch
⦁ 1.3 ounces
Check Price
Birkenstock Arizona
Soft Footbed
⦁ 100% suede
⦁ Synthetic sole
⦁ Heels 1.5”
⦁ 10*15*6 inches
⦁ 1.8 ounces
Check Price
Crocs Slip Resistant
Shoe for Men
⦁ Synthetic sole
⦁ Heel 0.98”
⦁ Slip-resistant
⦁ 0.390.390.39 inches
⦁ 11 ounces
Check Price

Top 9 Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses in 2021

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko women’s shoes are comfortable for nurses, made of smooth and long-lasting leather, making shoes comfortable. So if you are overweight, you must get these comfy shoes. In addition, these shoes reduce pain in your joints and feet. So these shoes are the best shoes for overweight, obese nurses.

The Dansko Professional shoes are available in different varieties depending on their width. So you can quickly get a suitable shoe according to your foot’s width. The shoes having a roomy toe box gives you toe protection with durability. To enhance feet consolation, an instep collar is padded for your feet.

For walking stability, a PU outsole with a Rocker Bottom has been added to the shoes. These shoes are best for overweight nurses as they serve the whole day and night on their feet. If you are a nurse, then you can easily understand the condition of feet at that moment. So get these shoes and feel accessible to your feet during your duty time.

Key Features:

  • The upper of Dansko shoes are made of leather or cloth with 0.75 inches’ thick platform.
  • The toe box has plenty of “wiggle space” to enhance your toe’s security.
  • Rolling security with a padded instep collar is an essential component of these shoes.
  • A broader heel kick is added for stability to provide you all-day relaxation with exceptional arch support.
  • The outsole is made of PU with a rocker rim to push the foot forward and absorb shock.
  • The shoes with rolling padded instep collar are more comfortable with breathable PU and footbed, controlling your shoes or foot temperature.
  • The bottom of the shoes made of rocker that provides shock resistance similar to athletic footwear.


  • It provides solid supports to your arch.
  • It is so helpful for plantar fasciitis.
  • It is having high quality and durable.


  • These are uncomfortable in sizing.

Merrel Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On Shoe

Merrel Men’s Encore Bypass shoes are suitable for overweight and healthy nurses. If you are looking for luxury shoes, then they would be your best choice. However, these are the most comfortable shoes for heavy nurses.

You do not need to worry about its cleaning as these are easy to clean. You can use a cleaning cloth or brush to wipe it before wearing it. For improving flexibility, and stability ventilated upper has been added.

Men’s Encore is the most comfortable shoes for heavy nurses standing on their feet for a long time. You can go and move anywhere and whenever you want. These are the ideal and best match for nurses working in a hospital.

Key features:

  • The compression-molded EVA midsole of your shoes offers mitigating and supports to feet with every step.
  • For added stability and moderating, Air Cushion centers the heel upon contact.
  • An ortholite sock liner gives extra cushioning.
  • These shoes have a rubber outsole with a molded nylon shank and Wipe the upper with a wet cloth to sterilize it.


  • The Men’s Encore Bypass is super comfortable.
  • In addition, these shoes are accessible in and out.
  • These shoes are lightweight and fit perfectly.


  • It is looser to the heel and toe box.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel shoes are one of the best nursing shoes for heavy nurses. The fantastic thing is, it comes in a variety of color combos which enhance its beauty. You can choose from standard outfits to innovative casual styles.

Regardless of your foot measurement, this footwear will give you a perfect fit. They are available in whole and half sizes, as well as measures for big feet. You will feel significantly excellent results when you put these shoes on.

A stabilizing internal heel counter and an innovative Orth lite sock are lining for adding cushioning. You will experience your feet more comfortably with this cushioning, and it will help form the shape of your feet.

To reduce the risk of slipping, the sole is made of rubber which makes then highly sturdy. Last but not least, the cotton linings add to keeping the feet comfortable and dry. It could be the first choice for overweight nurses.

Key Features:

  • The Uppers of shoes are made of synthetic leather and breathable mesh for long-lasting wear.
  • The shoe has a lace-up closure and footbeds with fabric for a comfortable fit and feels your feet cool and dry.
  • Internal heel counter maintenance gently supports the foot in maintaining its standard line of motion.
  • The ORTHOLITE sock liner offers a soft layer underfoot while also molding your foot’s form for added comfort.


  • It is easy to clean when dirty.
  • It has 100% longevity of support.
  • It is excellent for working out, walking, and standing.


  • The shoes are very hard with a fitting problem.

Drew Shoe Women’s Rose Mary Jane

Are you looking for comfortable shoes that are also stylish? The Drew Shoes Rose Mary Jane is the perfect option. As you know overweight nurses need a shoe that keeps them comfortable the whole day and night during duty time.

The supple leather upper is sturdy and snug of this shoe. The molded sole offers cushioning and stability, making this an excellent shoe for those who may be on their feet for long periods. These are the best shoes to wear.

You can wear it with your favorite work outfit or a pair of relaxed jeans. The entire range is a clever blend of function and style that works to keep feet safe and looking fantastic. Drew Shoes chooses the most luxurious fabrics to pamper and secure even the achiest, sore feet. After reading unique features, are you going to skip this best shoe for overweight nurses?

Key features:

  • It is made of imported Synthetic soles with 100 percent leather.
  • Comfortable with its breathable construction and soft padding.
  • It is designed with two insoles that can be removed easily.


  • It is made of Mary Janes, which is afoot safer.
  • It has easily removable features and very comfortable.
  • It has super style and supports the inside of the foot with its design.


  • The toe box is substantial and messy feelings.

Sticky Comfortable Shoes for Men

Sticky shoes are top-rated and comfortable shoes for men. These shoes are specially made for overweight nurses (men) serving in the hospital the whole day and night. With these waterproof shoes with a non -slip outsole, you can work in different environments without getting wet.

The external will protect you even on slippery floors. Sometimes, your feet can’t respire properly for waterproof shoes, which is why these shoes are made with porous footwear. It will make your feet dry and comfortable. We know how strict your routine is, so these shoes are made with a shock-absorbing anti-spin system. Are you ready to get it?

Key features:

  • It will keep you from falling even on very slippery floors.
  • It usually runs small. We recommend that you order these sizes from one-half to one size larger.
  • It’s light and made with a resistant material. This exclusive footwear will provide relaxation and protection for your busy day.
  • The upper and outsole of the shoe are waterproof, and the footbed is absorbent material to keep your feet dry all day long.
  • The sole has a shock porous and anti-slip system. Your whole body will feel the difference.
  • The shape and design are specially designed for men.


  • These are comfortable for any kind of work.
  • They have a beautiful look to represent.
  • They have fantastic quality at a reasonable price.


  • These are fit in size.

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

If you are looking for comfortable shoes to wear, you don’t need to go anywhere. These shoes are best to wear for the whole day and night working in a hospital or clinic. You can work in any condition without getting wet in this waterproof shoe with a non-slip outsole.

Even on slick ground, the exterior will keep you safe. Your feet cannot breathe properly in waterproof shoes, so these shoes are made of absorbent shoes. It will keep your feet dry and at ease. Since we know how demanding your schedule is, these shoes are made with an anti-torsion system.

Key features:

  • These are very comfortable and lightweight shoes.
  • It usually matches the size.
  • The top and outside are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about nourishing your feet anymore.
  • The soles of the feet are made of porous material to keep your feet dry all day.
  • The sole has a shockwave absorber and anti-slip system. Your whole body will feel the difference!
  • The shoes are very lightweight and made with outstanding support for your whole arch and legs.
  • These unique shoes will calm your busyness.


  • These shoes are easy to clean.
  • These are fit like a glove and suitable for feet as well.
  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.


  • The shoe has a sole wide split.

Merrell Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On Shoe

You will see that one of the best shoes for overweight nurses is Merrell Men’s shoes. With the Encore Bypass from Merrell, you can go for a laid-back, casual look. The ventilated upper keeps you comfortable, while the contoured footbed provides stability and flexibility.

It’s the ideal match for the go-anywhere shoe that’s always ready and waiting by the entrance. The outside is much more than a location. The shoes are lighter and comfortable so that you can work the whole day and night without any pain or tiredness of your feet.

Key features:

  • Work boots built to meet the most challenging demands while remaining comfortable enough to wear every day will protect your feet from the daily grind.
  • With trail-built comfort, you can trust, style meets outdoor efficiency in these versatile casual shoes and sandals.
  • With training and trail running shoes that suit your needs and your environment, you can hit the trails and explore off the beaten path.
  • We have the best hiking shoes and boots for your next outdoor adventure, from day trips to week-long backpacking treks.


  • It has a comfortable fit to wear.
  • It is a perfect shoe for summer.
  • It is accessible to in and out.


  • It is not durable.

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

So if you are looking for the best nursing shoe to wear, you would amaze to know that BIRKENSTOCK is made for heavy nurses. This particular product’s high-quality and thick suede has been dyed in its completeness. The white outsole is an essential feature of these sandals.

It contributes to the footwear’s clean and understated look. The soft and supportive footbed adds to the overall comfort. The footwear can mold to the form of your feet when you walk. Furthermore, the shoe’s shape helps evenly distribute your body weight over your entire foot, providing you with the best possible support.

Key features:

  • The Original Birkenstock of shoe anatomically shaped soft footbed.
  • Suede is the surface material.
  • The shoe has a suede lining.
  • A contoured cork footbed conforms to your foot’s shape and features marked arch support with an extra layer of super-soft foam mitigating.
  • It has a deep heel cup and roomy toe box with suede-lined.
  • Strap with two metal pin buckles that can be adjusted individually.


  • It is an excellent Birkenstock sandal.
  • It has an incredibly soft footbed.
  • The sandals are nice looking and well made.


  • These shoes are unsafe while driving.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s On the Clock Clog

Do your shoes match your field of work? If not, then there is no need to worry about it; Crocs Slip shoes are best for overweight nurses for a day and night job. The Crocs shoes that men and women need for long days and nights on the job.

It is a big, comfortable work clog with a design that is easy to slip on and off, making it suitable for Hospital workers, Nurses, Teachers, and Restaurant employees.

The regular heel is low and supportive, with a roomy toe box and thicker construction in critical areas for added durability. These top-rated shoes are both for men and women. The men’s version is black and white, while the ladies’ version comes in various colors and designs. Both have a rubber outsole that is very tough and slip-resistant

Key features:

  • Crocs shoes are completely molded and simple to clean with soap and water and a fast drying time.
  • Consider these slip-resistant shoes a caffeine-infused variant of the Crocs Classic Clog, ready to take on the day. The enclosed toe and heel comply with work-related requirements and protect your feet from spills.
  • The Crocs On-The-Clock shoe collection was created with nurses, cooks, baristas, and other hard workers in mind. The slip-resistant Crocs have a tapered fit in the back for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • These Crocs for work are made with Crocs Lock slip-resistant treads and ideal for those at risk of dropping. Dual Crocs Comfort is provided by Croslite foam and deeply moderated footbeds, making them ideal for long shifts.


  • It has a great design and easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for non-slip.
  • It has a reasonable price.


  • It has a fitting problem.

Buying Guide-Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

Is it a hurdle for you to get the right shoe? Before getting nursing shoes, you should be aware of all those things which can give you the best nursing shoe. Let’s read out buying guide for getting the right shoe for you.

Comfort Shoes

An overweight nurse must buy a shoe that gives you extra support and reduce your joint and foot strain. For that, select a comfortable shoe for you. A shoe is having proper arch support primarily suitable for overweight nurses. In addition, you need to choose shoes that have good traction features with excellent shock absorption. It could be in the middle or outer parts of shoes.

Stability of Shoes

Your working for a long time on your feet requires your feet’ stability. When you are overweight and wear shoes for hours regularly, you may need a high-quality shoe. Durable materials with technologies that can resist wearing should be your first consideration. In addition, those working shoes having slip-resistant are best for stability.

Suitable Size

There are two possibilities of feet. One is broader, and the other one is slim. Make sure the size of the shoes is according to your feet so that you feel comfortable during working time. Many nursing shoe brands have multiple options for wider feet. Get a shoe that has a comfortable toe box and a beautiful design.

Slip Resistance

Being a heavyweight, it is most essential to have slip resistance in your shoes. Therefore, look for a rubber outsole in your nursing shoes that help in slip resistance over wet and slippery floors and oily areas.

Softening and tremor Absorbency

Softening of your shoes makes you feel stress-free. Be conscious of the softness and absorbency of your shoes. The nurses with heavyweight could not stand over a stiff sole of shoes the whole day and night. That’s why it is obliged to find the best shoes for nurses. Shock absorption is significant to protect your feet and joints from stress and pain over the rugged and inexhaustible surface of the hospital.

FAQs-Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

How should I clean my shoes?

Here are four steps to clean your show, but keep in mind that never clean your shoes with a washing machine.

1-First, remove dirt from your shoes with a brush or towel.
2-Make a soapy mixture in warm water while adding mixed soap or any laundry detergent to it.
3-Take brush or towel, dip in the water, and then wipe dirty areas of shoes.
4-In the end, let your shoes dry in the air.

How good is it to have memory foam in shoes?

Having a memory foam is suitable for overweight nurses as it supports and overcomes stress or pain. Even then, memory foam depends on people; for some people, it is awful. However, it gives support and comfort when wearing, which is possible on its quality and durability.

Why is arch support important in shoes for nurses?

Arch support in a nursing shoe is the essential part as it prevents your feet from swelling and pain. In addition, a supported arch system evades many painful foot conditions. You should go for the best nursing shoes for high arches.

Final Thoughts-Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

Indeed, now you are succeeded in finding the right nursing shoe for overweight nurses. Instead, If you have searched a lot and could not find the right nursing shoe, you may consult a foot specialist. They will suggest you a suitable shoe with a beautiful design for your feet.

Have a nice day!

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