Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions, Men & Women

Being a nurse is hard to stand the whole day over feet. Besides that, being a nurse with bunions is even more challenging. The bunion may cause by wearing poorly fitting shoes. They need Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions in that condition of feet.

Bunions can be extremely painful for your feet and make it tough to stand for a long time. If you want to do something for your bunion feet, wear shoes with a wide toe box, which is slip-resistant.

In this article, the best shoes for nurses with bunions are listed so that you can choose the right one for your feet.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony knock formed on the outside of the big toe. It happens when some of the bones of your feet move out of place. This malformation occurs from the year of pressure on the big toe to the joint.

Ultimately, the toe joint gets out of alignment, and bony bump forms. Besides that, wearing tight, narrow shoes might cause bunions and make them worse. Smaller bunions (bunionettes) can grow on the joint of your little toe.

The skin over the bunion could be red and painful.


Bunions happen gradually over time. Generally, it is thought to be generic because of inherited faulty foot structure. Somehow, flat feet, excessively flexible ligaments, and abnormal bone structure contribute to the development of bunions in nurses.

According to the experts, shoes that don’t fit properly cause bunions or worsen an existing structural problem.

Comparison of Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions – Men & Women


New Balance Women’s
Slip Resistant
• Comfortable for a long time
• Lightweight shoes
• Classic in styling
• Give Slip resistance
Check Price

Klogs U.S.A. Women’s
Carolina Clog
• Excellent supportive footbed
• Provide snug fit
• Removable insoles
• Support wide feet
Check Price

Emeril Lagasse
Women’s Shoe
• Anti-fatigue feature
• Easily loosened up
• Non-slipping quality
• Multiple shoe sizes
Check Price

Dr. Comfort Women’s
• Genuine orthopedic
• Reduce knee pain
• Easy to put on for old
• Helpful in foot issue
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Orthofeet Bunions,
Foot Pain Relief
• Best for all foot issues
• High arch support
• Prevent stress on feet
• Extra-depth of toe box
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Propét men’s Vista Strap • Fantastic straps
• Good arch support
• Never hurt feet
• Multiple sizing options
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Orthofeet Proven
Men’s Loafer
• Strong and convenient
• Helpful for bunion feet
• Best for swelling feet
• Adjustable Velcro straps
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Women’s Footwear-Overview of Best Shoes for Nurses with Bunions

Let’s get started with Best Shoes for Female Nurses with Bunions.

New Balance Women’s Slip Resistant-Work Shoes

Being a nurse, you need soft and under comfort shoes. New Balance Women’s Slip shoes are known as the best shoes for bunion feet.

New Balance Women’s Slip shoes are working shoes with 100% leather. The shoes have an all-leather upper to provide a secure fit to the bunion feet of nurses. The ideal shoes make your feet move inside easy.

 It is purely made with a rubber sole to make you comfortable the whole day. An ABZORB Crash Pad absorbs impact through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance. These things make the nurses comfortable during long hours on their feet.

How can we ignore the slip resistance which provides you grip on precarious floors and surfaces? Whether working and moving on a hard floor or wood floor, it is the best shoe in every environment.

Women’s shoes without style, how can this be? The shoes for nurses with bunions are not so simple and old-fashioned. These non-slip working shoes with an internal shank are more attractive and stylish to help you stay on your feet with inner confidence.


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Don’t hurt feet
  • Durable


  • The hard and stiff toe box
  • Poor quality material

Klogs U.S.A. Women’s Carolina Clog- Healing Shoes

In case of foot pain issues, it becomes harder to find soft footwear. If you are facing this issue, Klog U.S.A. Women’s is the best fit for you.

Many nurses have been observed having bunion feet which is awful. In that condition best shoes for nurses with bunions can be helpful.

Klog U.S.A. Women’s shoes with arch support help to improve foot exhaustion and heel pain. They are made of pure leather with synthetic soles to make you stand comfortably on your feet.

High-heeled shoes are not best for bunions’ feet since they cause pain. Klog U.S.A. with a 2-inch heel and the 1-inch platform lets you move in and out without foot pain.

The best shoes for nurses with polyurethane footbeds accommodate easily removable orthotics. Polyurethane is used in footbeds and in the outsole to deliver shock absorption and slip resistance.

You can work on a wet floor also since polyurethane gives a full grip to stand.

Working in different places makes your feet dirty; you can wipe off the dirt from your shoes with a dry cloth.


  • Good looking
  • Amazing arch support
  • Durable
  • Don’t hurt feet


  • Bit heavy
  • Noisy on a hard floor

Emeril Lagasse Women’s Shoe – Comfortable Footwear

Paramedical workers spend their duty time over their feet for a long time. Depending on their duty, they need a comfortable shoe that lessens their foot issues. Standing on feet for a long time with the wrong shoes leads to bunions issues.

The nurses always look for and demand comfortable shoes. Emeril Lagasse is included in the best shoes for nurses with bunions. You will feel fly in the air with memory foam insole inside the shoes. 

The B.A.M. (Balanced Active Movement) technology provides a double layer of molded memory foam. These things provide 24-hour comfort. The shoes with black leather are always fit with every type of outfit you wear. 

The nurses have to walk over different floors in the hospital. The Emeril Lagasse nursing shoes are slip resistance shoes that allow you to walk over the wet floor. 

All shield water and stain resistance added shoes’ compactness. A flex channel rubber outsole is designed to lug pattern to give maximum slip resistance. 

A low profile along with a comfortable midsole is added to reduce the tiredness of your feet.


  • Worth the money
  • Great Arch support
  • Plenty toe room
  • Non-slip outsole


  • Bulky in weight
  • Poor leather quality

 Dr.Comfort Women’s Paradise-Orthopedic Shoes

Being a nurse, you need Orthopedic shoes. Since they are designed to support the mechanism and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg, they have numerous medical benefits and functions for your body’s alignment.

 Women’s Paradise Shoes are beautiful Orthopedic footwear. They are classic Mary Jane shoes that are perfect for work. They have made an easy movement of your feet inside them.

The best shoes for nurses with bunions come with extra width and toe box to reduce pressure in your feet. They are not only for stubbing but also maintain your body’s weight on feet.

The nursing shoes are beautiful and constructed with black synthetic soles. The shoes provide you customizable fit and comfort. Self-adjustable contact closure is added to provide your feet a perfect fit.

On the other hand, Women’s Paradise shoes added removable insoles or footbeds to accommodate your orthotics. The insoles are featured with a polyurethane layer to support your feet inside the shoes. 

 The Mary Janes shoes with foam cushioned footbed mold your feet for an un-parallel and long-lasting comfort.


  • Less expensive
  • Give arch support
  • Stylish and classy
  • Easy to wash


  • Cause of rubbing
  • Dim coloring

Orthofeet Bunions, Women Foot Pain Relief-Highly Recommended 

Here is a highly recommended shoe for bunions’ feet. If you have plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain, or neuropathy, get these shoes for high results. 

It seems unbelievable? The brand announced 60 days’ wear test with free shipping and returns. Multiple layers of cushioning provide pillow-like support that works wonders for your feet.

The lightweight shoes with ergonomic design and superior cushioning enhance comfort to your feet. 

One of the highly recommended best shoes for nurses with bunions is on a click. They are designed with orthotic insoles that feature anatomical arch support.

Orthofeet Proven Bunions shoes are designed in a great way to overcome the pain on your feet, heel, knees, hips, and lower back. If these parts of the body are affected, then, later on, you can face bunions that become harder to treat.

A broad and roomy toe box provides a non-binding fit for the front part of the foot and toes. This thing prevents pressure on bunions, swollen feet, and Morton’s Neuroma. 

Above all, these shoes for nurses are a perfect fit for those who have sensitive feet. An ideal solution for all foot problems is Orthofeet Proven Bunions Shoe. 


  • Removable insoles
  • Great fit
  • Wide toe box
  • Podiatrist recommended


  • Shoes sizing issues
  • Poor customer support

Men’s Footwear-Overview of Best Shoes for Nurses with Bunions

Here you will get to know about the best shoes for male nurses with bunions. Besides that, you can read out a detailed review of the best shoes for male nurses.

Propét men’s Vista Strap- Walking Shoes

One of the best shoes for nurses with bunions is Vista Strap Shoe. These particular shoes are unisex and specially made for men. These bunions shoes are well constructed and extremely comfortable footwear.

It is imported with 100% leather that is durable. The leather gives you stability without harshly rubbing against the forefoot.

The shoes with synthetic soles offer extra comfort to the feet. The Propet Men’s shoes come with 1.25 inches heels which is suitable for even flat feet. The heel counter is flexible and firm provides you with the ideal fit.

Moreover, the presence of straps over shoes makes the footwear easy to put on and adjust. The Vista straps, which are easier and faster than laces, give shoes a simple and stylish look. You may don’t need to rely on old-fashioned bunions shoes.

Since they are walking shoes, you can go anywhere like gym, events, on-road walking, and gardening. Every time these shoes give extra comfort with a foaming insole inside.

Above all, the Propet Vista Shoes are fantastic diabetic-style footwear and help to accommodate bunions with perfection.


  • Well-constructed
  • Roomy toe box
  • Worth the money


  • Too narrow

Orthofeet Proven Men’s Loafer- Foot Pain Relief 

The Orthofeet brand produces the most comfortable shoes for bunions’ feet. That’s why the shoes are known worldwide because of the comfort and easiness of sick feet.

These bunion shoes are specially made for men and provide extra width of the toe box. Since men have wide feet, shoes are ergonomic and superior in design with the premium orthotic insole.

These shoes are ortho feet proven to provide extra safety to your feet. They are helpful to reduce the pain of your feet to hips and lower back.

The outer portion of the shoes is rich in leather to prevent pressure on your feet. The shoe’s midsole is cushioned in an elongated manner to alleviate the strain during excessive walking.

Apart from that, the forefoot is non-binding and suitable for those who don’t like the fiction of shoes. A wide toe box is helpful in the movement of your feet inside the footwear.

Moreover, the heel cup has been coated with effective gel to support the area of the feet. The insole part of shoes distributes pressure on every aspect of the feet evenly.


  • Long-lasting
  • Pure leather
  • Roomy toe box
  • Extra width


  • Pricy
  • Low quality material

What Are The Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions-Buying Guide

You should know the critical features of the best shoes for bunion before making a purchase. Here are the things to consider about work shoes of bunions.

Orthotic Insole

Excess motion or overpronation is one of the major causes of bunions in nurses. The right shoes with orthotics can treat bunion and overpronation. Some of the brands focus on styling and don’t pay heed to the comfort of shoes.

The orthotic shoe brands design their shoes with orthotic insoles. It would be best if you looked for a branded shoe with arch support. The arch is positioned at the right place to support your feet and prevent them from rolling inwards.


Make sure the width is according to your feet. If you have wider feet, you should look for the shoes giving extra space.

Go for a brand that makes shoes with extra width choices that make fit your foot. Wide-width shoes provide your feet and bunion a relaxed and comfortable fit without being squeezed.

Toe Box

While talking about bunions shoes for nurses, a wide toe box plays a significant role in nursing footwear. Keep away from dress shoes, ballet flats, and high heels if you have bunions. Such type of shoes is painful and worst to wear. 

Go for a good toe box shoe that will offer plenty of space for the bunion and give biomechanical movements.


The nurses with bunion should wear shoes or sneakers with extra depth from the heel to toe. The deepness will give you more room for the bunion and toes to move around freely.

The extra depth will make your bunion feet more comfortable inside the shoes.


When getting work shoes for the internal bunion section should be more comfortable and protective since the bunion becomes painful, so it is essential to get gentle and nor-irritating footwear.

A soft lining in the shoes offers maximum protection and ensures no thread will irritate. 

High Heel

The nurses should not pick up a high heel shoe. The high heel puts pressure on your forefoot and toes; it may cause foot pain and other healing issues.

If the shoes are designed ergonomically, the heel will not put any pressure on the forefoot and toes. Otherwise, higher heel shoes will transfer weight to the forefoot. It increases or places extra stress on the bunion’s feet to make feet even worse.


Nursing shoes are made from different materials. A nurse should wear stretch and flexible shoes that don’t put any extra pressure on your feet. 

However, the shoes made of soft, pliable leathers, mesh, and stretch knit fabric are the best for nurses with bunions.

How do the shoes cause bunions?

Bunions became worse over time. They can be severe by tight or too small shoes that put pressure on your big toe. 

Women nurses love to look elegant in their jobs. When you wear shoes with high heels or pointy toes, such stylish stuff forces your toes together.

The nurses standing for a long time contribute to making arthritis symptoms in your feet.


The bunions can be manifest in the first place. When you experience then move to your doctor.

  • Difficulty in moving your big toe
  • Persistence foot pain
  • Bumps on the second toe of your feet
  • Big toe with a thick skin on the underside
  • Swelling and redness around the big toe
  • Turning of the big toe toward other toes


If your bunions are not generic, you should choose footwear carefully to prevent the bunions. The shoes with a wide toe box will not put pressure on your toe. 

A properly fitting shoe has plenty of room around your shoes that conform to the shape of your foot.

FAQS– Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions

Why is it essential to invest in the best shoes for nurses with bunions?

Wearing the best shoe with bunions is significant for the nurses depending on their duty. They have to stand on their feet for 24 hours. In that case, shoes with wide width and toe box will avoid adding pressure on the feet and toe.
The best bunion shoes provide comfort and support to the feet as well as accommodate different bunion severity. 

Should I keep wearing high heels if I have a bunion?

You may face severe problems while wearing high heels for bunion feet. It would help if you stayed away from high-heeled shoes since they pressurize your forefoot area. 
Continuously putting pressure on your bunion feet will grow bunion more prominent over time and produce more pain. We advise you to wear the best bunion shoes in that critical situation.

Does bunion get worse over time?

Yes, it is possible! If you don’t care for a bunion, it will gradually increase. If you keep wearing tight or flat shoes with too small a toe box or high heeled, you may face trauma and pain to the bunion.

What type of shoes is worse for bunions?

It would help if you stayed away from stretchy shoes and small toe boxes since tight shoes increase stress and pressure on your feet. Choose to lighten shoes with a wide-toe box for your bunion’s feet.

Summery- Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions

All the shoes described above are the best shoes for nurses with bunions. Make sure to buy the one that fits you the best since every person’s feet are different.

Besides that, we would like to remind you that Dr. Comfort Women’s Paradise is considered the most recommended shoe for female nurses.

While on the other hand, Propét men’s Vista Strap is the best shoe for men suffering from bunions.

Both of the above shoes are made of pure leather and gives you a wide toe box that is helpful for bunions.

Always take care of your feet as you do for your skin. The nurses should make sure their suitable footwear to avoid bunions.

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