Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain-Buying Guide & Reviews

Everyone needs reliable and comfortable shoes, whether they are students, army, workers, or nurses. When we talk about nurses, their duty is as the army. They always need the best shoes for nurses with back pain cause of their tired duty timings

They work for long shifts on their feet to treat the patients. The duties of nurses in Covid-19 make them active and ready for 24 hours. As we know, nurses are doing an important job; we can’t forget them at all. We can understand all their issues regarding their health. 

While working for long times, nurses may forget their proper diet. A proper diet is always helpful in maintaining health, although it may cause serious health issues. Some of them are back pain.

Standing on feet without a proper diet puts additional stress on the organisms, and issues occurred over time. One of the significant issues is lower back pain that could be treat as soon as possible.

According to the doctor’s recommendation, comfort footwear can deal with such back pain issues.

How does this back pain manifests in nurses?

The nurses who don’t take care of their diet and work a long time can face back pain issues. Back pain issues may appear in numerous forms, including radiating, stabbing, or spreading.

Additionally, normal back pain occurs because of exhaustion that can be passed out after taking a rest, and you will feel fresh.

But besides that, some of the back pain is not simple to treat. They appear progressively and appear in specific moves, such as bending over something.

Where does the back pain happen in the body? It is evident; the back pain is linked to the bony lumbar section of the spine in regions L1-L5 vertebra. The back pain can be felt in different places, including muscles and spinal regions.

Don’t be worry! You can avoid or prevent your back pain by improving your physical condition and footwear.

Here we have listed the top 7 best shoes for nurses with back pain to reduce back pain issues.

Comparison Chart-Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain

 Brooks Men’s Ghost Shoe • Provide balance on feet
• Gives a comfortable fit 
• Reduce foot pain
Check Price
 HOKA ONE ONE Women’s • Reduce arch pain
• Great arch support
• Great for foot injuries
• Most cushioned shoes
Check Price
 Alegria Women’s Dixi Slip • Makes easier movements
• Slip resistance
• Unique designs
• Replaceable footbed
Check Price
 Nike Women’s Revolution • Breathing room for feet
• Gives ankle support
• Multiple colors
• Supportive and durable
Check Price
Naturalizer Women’s
• Supportive to poor arch
• Cushioned for flat feet
• Gives a stylish look
Check Price
 Brooks Women’s Ghost • Comfortable in running
• Supportive for high arches
• Fabulous cushioning support
Check Price
New Balance Women’s Casual • Dual cushioning 
• Supports knees and ankle
• Pretty at designing
• Flexible in wearing 
Check Price

Review of Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain in 2021

Now, you can read out each best nursing shoes with back pain here. You will be able to make a fair decision about nursing shoes.

Brooks Men’s Ghost Shoe-Lightweight

Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

 A lightweight shoe is considered one of the best nursing shoes with back pain. When you are wearing a lightweight shoe, you will be able to walk speedily. In other words, a lightweight shoe makes you speedy.

 Brooks company is famous for its exceptional products. As it consistently wins the client’s satisfaction.

Brooks running nursing shoes come with rubber soles. A strong rubber sole of shoes makes them durable. They are not only for nurses but also for runners.

Men’s shoes only for men? Ghost running shoes are designed for females and males. They provide a smooth ride to your feet without cushioning problems. They are provided lacing to make them fit your feet.

Brooks running shoes provide high energizing cushioning to avoid back pain issues. 

No compromise on softness! Yeah, they are made soft with BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together. Underfoot softness ensures feet safety whether you are a trainee, runner, or nurse.

Durable nursing shoes with back pain allow you to make any movement. They are made for a smooth and reliable ride the whole day. Being a nurse, you have to walk or work for a long time; Brooks running shoes are best for you for that.

Are they quick to clean? Whenever you want to clean your shoes, take a cloth and smoothly rub. They are easy to clean and provide you cushion on every step and stride for a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Brooks running shoes are designed with unique designs. Multiple colors, including Black, Lime, and Blue Grass, are added to make them stylish. They can be fit with your dressing colors. 


  • Running shoes
  • Multiple sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for high arches


  • Slippery on the wet floor
  • Inflexible arch support

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s- Running Shoes

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Bondi LTR Running Shoe

According to the nurse’s duty, they require the most comfortable shoes. They have to stand for long shifts. In that situation, the best nursing shoe with back pain could be a best friend.

Nurses having back pain issues could not do their duty correctly. According to the study, stress leads to significant health problems. It leads to stress and strain. Surprisingly, HOKA shoes are best for reducing healing pains and foot injuries. 

Many doctors recommend these shoes to wear since they are perfect for healing patients.

HOKA women running shoes are the most comfortable to wear. They are made with rubber soles which gives compactness to the shoes.  A brand new HOKA is suitable for nurses, runners, and workers. 

Let’s speed up! As the name mentioned, the shoes are best for runners. They are the most cushioned shoes to make your feet comfortable and breathable.

Additionally, comfortable shoes can be possible to reach you in an emergency. They are so soft inside to make your feet safe. Possibly, they help in reducing your foot’s pain.

The best nursing shoes with back pain can feel you lighter during your duties. The rubber sole doesn’t make it heavier. 

High arch issue! No need to worry if you have high arches. The HOKA running shoes have cut down this issue. They are providing more stable cushioning and a more amicable balanced step.

The best HOKA running shoes are most supportive even if you are a traveler. The excellent rubber sole lets you walk over rocky areas. You can quickly go climbing with fantastic shoes with back pain.


  • Fit snug
  • Worth the money
  • Reduce healing pain
  • Soft footbed


  • Tight in size
  • Poor quality

Alegria Women’s Dixi Slip- Comfortable Shoes

Standing on feet for long is not an easy job. However, understanding the situation of workers, Algeria comes out with comfortable shoes. Algeria is one of the most trustable brands.

Considering the console, Algeria nursing shoes are made with 100% leather material. We know leather is helpful to increase the durability of shoes. Those who work a whole day on their feet can rely on Algeria shoes.

The best nursing shoes with back pain make you comfortable on your duty. Algeria Dixi shoes will never let you down whether you are a waiter, runner, nurse, or traveler. You can quickly move in and out to perform your duty well.

What about a heel? This nursing shoe with back pain is not flat. The heel with 1.5 inches has sorted out arch issues. While knowing the importance of the body’s alignment, the heel provides balance on each step. 

The nursing shoes with back pain are lightweight in their mass. They make easy movement of your feet with 2 pounds’ weight. A heavy shoe makes it hard to run or move during working.

When we talk about styling, traditional style with a comfortable shoe rock the markets, soft footbed keeps your feet in a relaxed environment. However, these footbeds are easily replaceable and removable. 

Other than that, genuine leather and stretch material on the toe box makes your feet’ movement easy.


  • Fit perfect
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Hard sizing chart

Nike Women’s Revolution – Workout Shoes

Nike Women's Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe

Healthy feet are significant elements for nurses. When you have healthy feet without any heeling issues, you can better focus on your work. Although, you may cause severe problems of healing and back pain.

Nike women’s shoes are there to overcome your feet’ health issues. The breathable shoes give your feet a relaxing environment. They are designed with textiles that help wrap your feet to breathable comfort.

Besides that, nursing shoes with back pain are lightweight. You can make your movement quickly whatever you are doing. Nike always takes care of its customers and hit satisfaction. The shoes come with a soft foam midsole to make a smooth and stable drive.

Best shoes for nurses with back pain are made comfortable and durable. They are durable with a rubber outsole and offer durable traction.

To make sure the body’s alignment, soft foam inside the sole is provided. When running shoes come with a soft footbed, make your standing more balanced.

The high-quality material of shoes gives durability. That means you may not go to buy another shoe for yourself every month. Nike not only makes your shoes comfortable but also comes in different colors. Beautiful coloring shoes give satisfaction personally. 

Stay comfortable while running! A comfort shoe feels you better without stress or healing issues. With the nursing shoes, you can run when an emergency occurs.


  • Lightweight
  • Arch support
  • Support heels
  • Suitable toe box


Fitting issues

Naturalizer Women’s Sneaker – Casual Style

Naturalizer Women's Marianne Sneaker

Maintain your work with stylish shoes! The moment when you want your look trendy in working is valuable. Naturalizer nursing shoes are there to make your every moment memorable.

Many nurses want to make their presence fashionable in hospitals. They required perfection in their physical appearance. If you are one of those, stay for a moment.

Sneakers with synthetic soles are always fantastic for walking. When Naturalizer comes with its sneakers, it gives you trendy and stylish footwear. Different styles with different colors make the shoes high demandable.

The best nursing shoes with durable materials have been the priority ever. With the advancement of fashion, the shoe industry is hitting glamor. Naturalizer shoes are fascinated and reach all requirements of customers.

The nursing shoes are best for dipping back pain issues. A rounded toe box gives support to the feet. It is not too tight or too loose. A supportive toe box reduces the pressure over your feet and makes you feel comfortable.

The sneakers are made of leather that means durable and saves money. Poor quality shoes often increase tension, and you have to change them.

While wearing a Naturalizer shoe would help you to reach all your demands of feet. They come with a 1-inch heel section to support your arch and maintain your body’s alignment.


  • Fit well
  • No heel rubbing
  • Not slip


  • Stretching issue
  • Quite narrow

Brooks Women’s Ghost-Running Shoes

Brooks Women's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Stylish footwear with poor performance! If you are facing such an issue, then stay here.

Brooks Women’s shoes give you style and reliable performance at the moment. Naturally, a perfect physical appearance motivates you to work. Anyhow, a suitable shoe always boosts your look. 

The Brooks nursing shoes are made of rubber soles. It means you can walk or run efficiently, whatever your track is. They are ideal shoes for running, cross-training, the gym, or wherever you want to go.

Nursing shoes with back pain maintain your balance with a soft footbed inside. The natural support type provides high energizing cushioning. You can make your running best with comfortable shoes.

How is it soften shoe? Brooks added BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together for the softness of shoes.

A tight toe box causes stress over your feet. You will realize the relaxing of feet inside the shoes. Once you have to get Brooks nursing shoes, forget to go shopping for a while. They are amazingly durable with a stable ride.

The Brooks Ghost shoes offer transitions for zero distraction so that you can focus on your running. They are smooth and provides heel-to-toe changes. You can easily move on anywhere with a segmented crash pad inside the shoes.

Brooks is one of the best shoes for nurses with back pain because of its smoothness, softness, and stable ride. They are rich in features to avoid pressure over your feet and stress of mind.


  • Worth the money
  • Active shipment system
  • Clean so well


Little snug
Crumbling sometimes

New Balance Women’s Casual-Reduce Back Pain

New Balance Women's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

You are facing a problem in maintaining your body’s alignment! By now, you will forget the issues that affect your balance.

Obviously, improper standing over feet can disturb your health. Health issues can occur in the feet as well as in the back. When footwear hurts your feet, you may try some unwanted movements to make your feet relax. But, on the other hand, during such tries, you may hurt more rather than before.

New Balance shoes with back pain eliminate such health issues. They are designed with dual cushioning to make you comfortable. The workers who stand a long time on their feet can enjoy the solace of New Balance shoes.

Nursing shoes with back pain are made of ABZORB technology and a crash pad. These factors work together to maintain the balance of the body over feet.

Will they irritate? The New Balance shoes are designed with dual-density collar foam to prevent irritation around your ankle. 

Nonetheless, the nursing shoes with back pain could be your best friend in your working time. These cushioned shoes are flexible in their outsole and give you comfort the whole day.

The classic logo of N and flying NB make shoes attractive. Eventually, flying the NB logo at the tongue of nursing shoes providing everyday style. It is one of the best shoes for nurses with back pain on our list.


  • Removable soles
  • High quality
  • Great fit
  • Comfortable


  • Sizing issues
  • Small in length

Buying Guide- Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain

Finding the right shoe is not an easy task. We created this guide to make the process easier for you.


Make sure your investment is on the right cushioning nursing shoes with back pain.

A poor cushioning shoe causes significant issues. Such as, poor cushioning causes the feet, ankles, hips, knees, and lower back to absorb the shock from walking. Hence, in this way, it leads to lower back pain.

Arch support

If you are a nurse, you may know better about your work. While on duty, sometimes, ups and down from stairs need proper body alignment to stay safe.  Improper alignment of the body tends to arches issues that cause back pain.

Check out the best nursing shoes for high arches in detail.

In case ups and downs from stairs put pressure on the hip and knees. In that condition, a poor distribution of weight leading to back pain. It happens while walking too. Therefore, you need shoes that offer excellent arch support to your feet. 

Toe box

Toe box matters when it comes to nursing shoes. This is a crucial part to be considered while getting nursing shoes with back pain.

A toe box is divided into the wide and tight toe box. The shoes with a wide toe box feel comfortable and improve your walking. It also prevents back pain issues.

Besides that, if you have got a tight toe box, it leads to cramped toes. This will result in overcompensation that leads to back pain.

Be careful and get a shoe having half-inch space between the top of toes and shoe.


A fit shoe is always suitable to wear whether you are a nurse, worker, or entrepreneur. But, remember one thing; fitting does not mean a too-tight shoe that causes the poor blood flow in the feet.

A nurse should have a great fitting tight shoe that makes an easy move. However, too tight and too slack shoes can disturb your whole day. Such shoes also make your walking slow.

So, go for a shoe provided with laces or a snug fit. You will enjoy a great fit and comfort of your feet inside your shoes.


Heavy-weight shoes can increase your stress or strain. When you are facing the issue of back pain, then go for a lightweight shoe.

It is observed that lightweight shoes save strength used in walking. Hence, reduce your back pain and spinal issues with a lightweight nursing shoe.


Get a high-quality nursing shoe with back pain and forget to buy a new one every month. You want to go for a nursing shoe with high-quality material. As you know, high quality means durability. 

Go for a high-quality material that is easy to clean since nurses come across stains.


Well, it is natural that people try to save their money as possible. However, when buying the best shoes for nurses with back pain, make sure to invest in quality. Instead of saving money, go for a nursing shoe with a suitable fit, size, and high-quality material.

FAQs- Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain

Are good shoes helpful in back pain?

A comfortable shoe with good support can help to improve your standing condition. Good shoes make a balanced body alignment that leads to easy movements. Besides that, shoes with less stress on the feet can prevent back pain issues.

What type of shoes cause back pain?

According to the study, unstable shoes can lead to health problems, including back pain. Footwear that irritates around the ankle can damage the foot’s health. Avoid tight, flip flop, slip, and poor-quality footwear.

What type of shoes would you recommend for lower back pain?

Every shoe that makes you comfortable and balances your body alignments is recommended for lower back pain. Besides that, we recommend following

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Bondi LTR Running Shoe
Alegria Women’s Dixi Slip On
Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe
New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

Do wrong running shoes cause lower back pain?

Yes! If you run in old or worn-out shoes, you can face back pain problems. Running with a lousy shoe can lead to many running injuries, including ankle sprains, lower back pain, runner’s knee, and many other pain issues.

Clasure-Best Shoes for Nurses with Back Pain

A good foot’s health is necessary to stand the whole day. Depending on the working type, nurses should wear comfortable shoes. Standing on feet the full day needs the care of feet.

Improper footwear cause back pain and healing. Make sure, wear shoes that give you comfort and arch support.

For that purpose, we recommend New Balance Women’s Casual-Back pain. These shoes have excellent cushioning for nurses that work long shifts. They are best in reducing back pain.

All the shoes we have reviewed are best for nurses with back pain.

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