Best Shoes for Male Nurses 2021 (Reviews) Top 10 Picks

Nurses perform one of the most demanding jobs on the face of the earth. They may have to hustle all over the shift. It is their duty to be agile and active because, in emergencies, it is a matter of someone’s life. The wet floor may also be ignored; therefore, a pair of shoes with appropriate traction and the slip-resistant feature becomes necessary for these front-line warriors. Often they look confused while it comes to select one of the best shoes for male nurses

Life is not easy without proper equipment and tools. Shoes are one of the most important companions for everyone on every occasion. Being human, we claim the independence that comes with our ability to move around. But for a smooth and enjoyable tread, we need to pay attention to our shoe selection. It must not be like most fashion magazines describe to us. Rather it must be comfortable, durable, and within our budget.

During Covid-19, the efforts a nurse may have to put into his/ her profession have revealed their grimness. They have to work for 24 hours shifts. In this scenario, most of their time is consumed wearing a pair of shoes. If that is of some high grade and extraordinary comfort, then it may alleviate the problems faced by these angelic creatures. Given these issues, we have conducted rigorous research to select a suitable pair of shoes.

Shoe selection is a tedious job. There are hundreds of shoes available outside. But one cannot try every pair to find the best shoes. Keeping in view this difficulty, we have put a serious effort to facilitate your decision to find one of the best shoes for nurses. Here, we present you with 10 options keeping in view the comfort and durability demanded by male nurses.

Below are the 10 best shoes for male nurses. Have a look!

Top 10 Picks Of The Best Male Nursing Shoes

Image Product Details   Price
Brook’s Men’s
Adrenaline GTS 19
Color: Many Colors
Manufacturer: Brooks
Model Number: 110294
Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
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Merrell Men’s Encore
Gust Slip-on Shoe
Color: Black & Brown
Manufacturer: Merrell
Model Number: J66173
Dimensions: 13.1 x 8.2 x 4.8 inches; 10.6 Ounces
Check Price
Brooks Men’s
Addiction Walker
Color: 3 Colors
Manufacturer: Brooks
Model Number: 1100391B
Dimensions: 13.9 x 8.6 x 5.3 inches; 13.7 Ounces
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Nike Men’s Air
Monarch Cross Trainer
Color: 4 Colors
Manufacturer: Nike
Model Number: 416355 002
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches; 10.4 Ounces
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Sanita Men’s
Professional Cabrio Clog
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Sanita
Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.72 x 4.72 inches; 2.16 Pounds
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Dansko Men’s
Wynn Slip-On
Color: Black & Brown
Manufacturer: Dansko
Model Number: Wynn
Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 11 inches; 1.25 Pounds
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Reebok Classic
Harman Run Sneaker
Color: Many Colors
Model Number: LDX10
Manufacturer: Reebok
Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.4 x 4.6 inches; 1.45 Pounds
Check Price
Adidas Men’s
Alphabounce Shoe
Color: Many Colors
Manufacturer: Adidas
Dimensions: 12.36 x 8.54 x 4.8 inches; 1.68 Pounds
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Under Armour
Men’s Charged Shoes
Color: Many Colors
Model Number: 3021225
Manufacturer: Under Armour
Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.1 x 4.5 inches; 10 Ounces
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Hoka One One
Men’s Arahi Shoes
Color: One Color
Manufacturer: Hoka One One
Model Number: 1019275-CSDB
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1- Brook’s Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Looking for comfort blended with style? You must give it a try at this one of the best shoes for male nurses. If you are also a sports lover, this fabulously looking pair of shoes will definitely grab your attention. It is designed to provide the best arch support from flat to high arched feet. Its outsole is made up of gum rubber.

It is available in various widths, starting from medium to extra wide width. It has a unique feature called a guide rail support system that is marvelous in keeping injuries away from your feet, knees, and hip joint. Proper load distribution is ensured by design. This peculiar support system is beneficial in avoiding excess movement of feet.

You may get the best-cushioned walking or running experience by having Brook’s Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19. This is due to the simultaneous working of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning that gives a feather-like comfy experience without losing durability and springiness. It has a streamlined look achieved by its specially engineered mesh with the 3D fit print upper. By wearing these shoes, you’ll feel in full control. If you haven’t tried earlier, then do go for this go-to shoe.


  • Guardrail support system
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT Cushioning


  • Toes remain in a little elevated position due to design incorporated curvature

2- Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe

If you are looking for comfortable, easy to wear, and classic sort of shoes, Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on may be your choice as one of the best shoes for male nurses. It is slip-resistant, with full-grain leather upper. The breathable mesh lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable. You will enjoy wearing these wonderfully comfortable shoes because this gives you the benefits of both clog and a sneaker.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust is a slip-on shoe that makes it very easy to wear and remove. This feature makes you feel as comfortable as you are walking on your lawn. Durability is a feature that needs to be seriously looked at while buying shoes for male nurses. Merrell has its brand identity to provide durable stuff to its customers.

100% full-grain leather has been used in the manufacturing of the upper portion of the shoes. Breathable mesh lining makes it far more than just comfortable. Leather provides a professional look, while mesh lining doesn’t make your feet feel confined.

If you remain in hurry and you have to commute fast then its supportive cushioned midsole will prevent any drastic shock to reach your knee and upper body. The outsole is made up of rubber that is slip-resistant and gives you a confident gait.


  • Rugged rubber outsole
  • Upper made up of 100% full-grain leather.
  • Compression-molded EVA foot frame for stability and comfort
  • Professional look with a slip-on design
  • Polishable


  • Limited color options available
  • Sizing that supports narrow feet have been observed

3- Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Being a nurse is not easy, especially if you are not equipped with proper shoes. Shoes may enhance your walking experience by being comfortable. It is not easy to find a pair of shoes that conform to your comfort standards and budget. That’s why we are here. We do our research and get some shortlisted choices to make your decision fast and well braced.

Our endeavor to present your best male shoes on a single page aims to appreciate the efforts you put into your great profession. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walking Shoe is not only a comfortable shoe but also relatively economical and durable. It is long-lasting. It is available in four different colors. It is slip-resistant due to its unique outsole, which keeps your feet in a bracing situation.

BioMoGo DNA is a special cushioning designed by Brooks to provide you with a lot of soft and responsive feel. The full-grain leather upper gives it an eloquent look along with long-lasting features. Arch support is also great.

Brook shoes are among one the best shoes. Their brand name and goodwill always push them to come up with even better designs. They are creative and trendsetters. This is reflected in the introduction of state-of-the-art BioMoGo DNA cushioning, which has unparalleled softness and responsiveness.


  • 100% leather has been used in upper
  • BioMoGo DNA cushioning


  • Narrow from toes
  • Less breathable

4- Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

If you are looking for one of the best shoes for male nurses then Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer must grab your attention. Its sporty look, attractive color combination shouldn’t let you ignore its durability and unmatched comfort. This is because of the leather-rubber combination used here. Sole is made up of rubber and leather with breathable stuff that has been used for the upper making.

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is equally good for substituting lifestyle sneakers or gym shoes. For male nurses, this might prove to be a blessing. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is a relatively cheaper, comfortable, durable, adorable, and classy sort of shoe. You might fall in love with this. We would recommend you to please give it a try to this one of the best nursing shoes for men.


  • Leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Sporty look


  • Known to cause noise over solid surfaces
  • Sometime outsole peels of but repairable

5- Sanita Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog

Sanita Men's Professional Cabrio Clog

If your calf muscles don’t like to be stretched, then you might feel Sanita Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog be very comfy. Its heel is only 1.75” high. The width is regular. For the male nurses who have wider feet, buy the best shoes for nurses with wide feet so that you can make your duty comfortable.

Brush-off leather material makes it easy to clean.

Bordeaux color is attractive enough to match any of your dressing equally. Sanita Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog sturdy look gives it a professional outlook. Sanita Men’s Professional Cabrio clog is one of the best male nursing shoes indeed.


  • Economical
  • No time required to lace-up
  • Comfortable especially to calf muscles and knees


  • Outsole black dye may transfer to other objects by rubbing
  • The outsole has been reported to peel off the upper leather

6- Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-On

For men who have to stand all day attending patients, Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-Onis one of the best choices. It is equally comfortable and stylish. It can be worn on jeans or khakis. Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-On is made up of leather upper which has leather sock liner to absorb moisture and provide freshness to your feet.

Dansko has been making shoes since 1990, enabling nurses to perform their duty without any fear of becoming over-exhausted just because of poor shoe design. Dr. Vincent and Dr. Marry from NJ recommend wearing Dansko shoes based on their personal experience in the medical field.

The nurse has to hassle all day long. Shifts are continued even in the evening. Outsole with the slip-resistant feature is necessary to feature of any nurse shoe. Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-On is known to avoid any abrasion or blister due to its arch support.


  • Leather made
  • Equally recommendable for casual as well as professional use
  • A padded collar keeps the ankle safe and blister-free


  • Not breathable
  • Has been reported to be difficult to remove

7- Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneaker

Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneaker

Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneakers are comfortable and stylish. Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneakers are made up of synthetic upper and a durable rubber sole. Laces make it sure that you have a great fit. If you are a nurse and looking for one of the best shoes for male nurses then Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneaker must be given a chance.

It is perfect for you if you already have plantar fascistic or ankle/knee pain because you can insert customized orthotics. Sole has a good grip with rubber flexibility to avoid annoying noise produced by some shoes. Without any doubt, it will prove to be one of the best nursing shoes for men.


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for orthotics inserts
  • Wearable with any sort of dressing due to unique style


  • Sizes are a bit large
  • Upper may crack if care and cleaning is not done in recommended way

8- Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe is breathable and lightweight with good flexibility and comfort. These are available in many colors. They provide an attractive combination of style and function. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe has a seamless stretchable air mesh upper. Mid-sole provides you with a great level of assistance in bouncing feeling while walking or running. It helps you move all day long without being exhausted. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe captures your feet like a mother takes her child in her lap.

If you are a nurse and looking for one of the most suitable shoes for yourself, then do give Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe a chance to make you feel obliged to Adidas.

Comfort is what must be the priority of a professional nurse. But nowadays, style is also important. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe gives you a great deal of style without compromising over comfort at a wonderfully economical price. This is one of the best nursing shoe forms without any grain of salt.


  • Lightweight
  • Relatively economical
  • Seamless air mesh upper
  • Multi-surface grip synthetic out sole gives great traction


  • Complicated lacing
  • Not durable for running

9- Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe is equally good for your office and running routines. If you are a male nurse and also want to enjoy a jog after work then Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe is one of the best shoes for your desire to be fulfilled. Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe has a breathable mesh upper, traction providing rubber outsole, and a lightweight overall design that provides you with great comfort.

It has a charged cushioning midsole that gives you unmatched energy return and responsiveness while walking or running. Due to its unique 360 degrees of reflectivity outside of the shoe, you remain visible even in the dark. A male nurse, enthusiastic about doing jogging in addition to his duty, must give a hit to this wonderful design.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Available in many colors
  • 360-degree reflectivity outside the shoe


  • The heel is a bit high
  • Mesh upper is easy to be torn

10- Hoka One One Men’s Arahi Running Shoes

Looking for one of the best male nursing shoes with reasonable comfort, ultimate durability, and a stylish look? You have landed one of the best options available. Hoka One One Men’s Arahi Running Shoe may make you the most stylish and cool male nurse on the hospital floor. This is because of the 3D puff-printed upper and an attractive color combination. But it is not sufficient for a nurse as you need to have comfort first.

Breathable mesh makes it possible to keep your feet dry, cool, and fresh all the shift long. The rubber sole makes your gait secure from a slip. Meta-rocker makes your natural gait cycle to be extra, efficient, and extremely comfortable. Plush padding has been used on the tongue, keeping your upper foot free from chafe and discomfort. The zonal rubber outsole is extra durable and makes it difficult to slip or get injured.

A new Hoka technology called the J-Frame is designed to enhance the active foot frame and deliver support and protection while guiding the foot without using rigid materials. This is undoubtedly one of the best shoes for male nurses who love to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.


  • 3D puff print upper
  • J-Frame technology
  • Air mesh breath-ability
  • durable zonal rubber out-sole


  • The sizing is a bit small
  • Bottom tread captures grass
  • Air mesh upper is prone to fast wear and tear

Frequently Asked questions:

What are the key factors on which one must focus while buying the best shoes for nurses?

There are some important factors that must be considered while selecting your shoes if you are a nurse or do a walk-intensive job. These factors include arch support, comfort, cleansing, price, and durability. The most important are comfort and durability. Price should also be competitive.

Is it realistic to look for fashion as well as comfort while selecting shoes?

Yes, fashion can go along with comfort as far as shoes for nurses is concerned.

Can proper shoe selection be helpful to avoid injuries?

Yes, injuries in the lower portion of the body are mostly caused by the inappropriate landing of the foot which may be avoided to a great degree by using a well-designed pair of shoes. Even if the injury may not be avoided in certain unlucky incidents, the degree of injury may not be much severe.

What are the risks involved in buying online shoes and how can they be avoided?

Online buying has been in fashion for a long time but it was never like it is now. With the same speed, it is quite possible that big shopping malls will no more exist in the future.
But there are certain issues and risks associated with the online purchase which may be avoided by selecting a good supplier and attempting to make sure that the brand he/she representing is of good repute. All the brands we have introduced are having a great deal of brand value.

How many pairs of shoes one must have?

We recommend buying at least two pairs of shoes for official or professional purposes so that if for some reason one goes out of service, you may be able to reach the weekend to buy a new one.

Is there any extra tip that one may follow to enhance the walking experience?

Yes, of course, a little bit of extra money invested may result in a better walking experience. For example, after some time of use, the built-in insole lacks its responsiveness. It may be replaced with a new one to get a good experience.
Moreover, You can change the laces of the shoes to get a new look. Socks are one of the key players in feet comfort. Carefully selected socks may give you extra cushioning and better feet compression.

Final Words

Comfortable shoes are the first right to a nurse that he/she must pay attention to. Without proper shoes, they may get injured themselves and will not be able to render one of the most crucial services to humanity. There are thousands of options available to grab attention due to marketing and other tactics. Among all these, a few choices are worth paying attention to. But it is a big challenge to shortlist the best pairs of shoes. Therefore, our humble effort has been made to help nurses select among a few thoughtfully shortlisted shoes.

One of the best shoes for male nurses has mostly been ignored because most of the marketing is done by viewing the female nurses alone. But in our article, we have specifically focused on the dilemma of male nurses. We can understand decision-making is not easy, especially when there are lots of options available. But when the choices are thoughtfully shortlisted, and proper information regarding selection criteria is shared, everyone can make a wise decision.

There are no perfect shoes that will fit everyone’s needs; therefore, given the customized requirements, one has to decide. We recommend trying a hit and trial method to reach one of the best articles for you. Even the best company might have some loopholes left ignored or unchecked by their quality department. Therefore, try not to be stagnant while making decisions and order at least two pairs out of the above carefully shortlisted products so that you might get a better walking experience.

I wish you the best of luck !!

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