Alegria Vs Dansko | Which is the Best Brand

In this blog post, an extensive introduction and comparison of Alegria vs Dansko will help you to select the best brand for your shoes. A day of a nurse entails long hours of standing, lifting, and walking which can turn into stress or lower extremities particularly their feet. According to the studies, mostly nurses take … Read more

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses (Tips & Guidelines)

Being a nurse is tough to stand for long times on your feet. What if you are pregnant too? It becomes harder to stand over feet. During pregnancy, you face significant issues, including swollen feet and legs, back pain, and heel pain. In that situation, it is necessary to wear the best shoes for pregnant nurses. … Read more

Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions, Men & Women

Being a nurse is hard to stand the whole day over feet. Besides that, being a nurse with bunions is even more challenging. The bunion may cause by wearing poorly fitting shoes. They need Best Shoes For Nurses With Bunions in that condition of feet. Bunions can be extremely painful for your feet and make … Read more

Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses Reviews 2021- Male and Female

Nurses are examples of people who keep their personal goals and interest in the back pocket to care for the sick. These angelic-like personalities working day and night are most vulnerable to an infectious disease similar to Covid-19. The non-stop work consists of walking from bed to bed; ward-to-ward covering more than 16,000 steps a … Read more